S.A. Medicina dello Sport ROMA

S.A. Medicina dello Sport ROMA

Studio Associato Medicina dello sport Roma "Le Torri"
Via Duilio Cambellotti 133
00133  Roma
Roma   (Italy)
Email: sa.medicinasportroma@gmail.com
Phone number: 06 2016390 - 3381803388
Fax number: 0697270433

The Studio Associato Medicina dello Sport was founded in 2015, with the professional collaboration of some specialist doctors who have been in the field of sports medicine for over thirty years. Our experience and competence ensures compliance in the conduct of the visits according to the laws of the Italian State for the protection of the health and safety of athletes as well as sports operators..

Over the years, we have visited numerous professional athletes who have become prestigious coaches after a long career.

The Staff of the Studio Associato Medicina dello Sport consists of the following specialists: Italo Guido Ricagni, Claudio Fabbricatore (Sport Medicine), Marco Mareri (Otorhinolaryngology), Roberto Procopio (Ophthalmology), Rosanna Annecca (Neurology), Emanuela Panella and Nicole Monreale(electroencephalography technician) and other occasional collaborators.

Although the sporting athlete visit is required, it is important to emphasize the importance of the prevention aspect that our team is able to guarantee.

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